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We are a full service, one stop shop for all of your accounting needs.

Tax Preparation Services

If you hear terms like “standard deduction” or “itemized deductions,” we can explain these and any other tax terms, and how they affect you, in a way that you can understand. Does just thinking about your taxes leave you confused and stressed? If so, then you should consider Convenient Income Tax. We are committed to “Making Things Easier For you” by providing affordable and efficient tax preparation services in Peoria, IL.

Our tax preparation services are affordable, and all of our professionals are efficient. So that we can better serve you, here is an easy-to-follow to-do list before your tax preparation appointment:

Gather these items first:
• New clients, please bring a copy of last year’s tax return and supporting documents
• Social Security numbers or tax ID numbers for you, your spouse and any dependents (including date-of-birth)
• Your bank account and routing numbers (for direct deposit of any refunds) 

Income Tax Forms:
• W-2 (if you worked as an employee)
• W-2G (Certain Gambling Winnings are issued this form)
• 1099-MISC (if you worked as an independent contractor)
• 1099-INT (interest income)
• 1099-DIV (earnings from dividends or capital gains from a taxable account)
• 1099-G (unemployment income)
• 1099-R (pension, retirement plan, IRA or annuity)
• 1099-SSA (Social Security income)

Deduction Documents:
• Child Care expenses (daycare or sitter)
• Charity donations
• Health Insurance premium costs, and/or other health care expenses)
• Self-employment expenses (i.e., home office, advertising, office supplies)
• Relocation or traveled for work purposes
• Job search subscription costs
• Tax-deductible home improvements, such as an energy-efficiency upgrade
• Education payments (Form 1098-T)
• Student Loan interest (Form 1098-E)
• Rental property expense totals

For more detailed information or if you have questions about what information to bring, call one of our offices, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and concerns. During your consultation, we will discuss all of your deductions and credits, so do not worry if you are unsure whether something is deductible; we will help you determine if it is or not. We want you to receive every tax benefit you are entitled to, and we will work with you to make that possible. 

We offer great savings for our new customers, as well as for our long-term clients by offering affordable and efficient tax preparation services every tax season. Stop by one of our two locations in Peoria, IL—we schedule appointments every day of the week for your convenience!


At Convenient Income Tax in Peoria, IL, we offer comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses and individuals. Whether you are a medium-sized corporation, a small business owner, or an entrepreneur, our team of highly trained professionals can help you manage your accounts and financial reporting. 

We help you get to the bottom line faster. You want the numbers, so you can make the decisions. Tracking sales, purchases, and payments requires time and energy. Chances are, your time can be spent more productively on other areas of your business. Our accounting services allow you to focus on what you do best, while we take the strain out of month-end, quarterly, and year-end reporting. 

We are committed to going the extra mile to understand your business and to gaining your trust. We are a reputable organization with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we have served our clients with distinction for over 30 years. Our comprehensive accounting services are designed to getting and keeping your finances in order. Some of these services include:

• Financial Statement Preparation
• Bank Reconciliations
• Invoice Processing
• Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
• Budgets
• Fixed Asset Tracking
• Payroll Services
• Business Tax Returns and Tax Planning

These are just a few of the benefits you receive when you choose Convenient Income Tax for your accounting needs. Our competitive fees ensure that you are able to invest in your business by hiring a knowledgeable and reputable company for your accounting needs. For detail-oriented accounting professionals and expert bookkeeping services, save time and money with Convenient Tax and Accounting in Peoria, IL!

Payroll Services

Do you need a trusted and reliable company to ensure your employees’ checks go out on time? Do you need help filing federal and state payroll taxes? At Convenient Income Tax in Peoria, IL, we provide affordable and accurate payroll services. 

When we sort through your receipts and financial records, we are very thorough because we want to ensure that you receive every deduction and credit you are entitled to. Our highly trained professionals are licensed by the IRS and understand all of the forms and schedules. We make certain that all of your tax information is accurately reported, so you can get your tax return filed in a timely manner. If you do need to file an extension, we can help you with that, too!

We help you avoid tax penalties and make sure your payroll is on time by calculating wages and then paying and filing your federal and state payroll taxes for you. Payroll administration takes a significant amount of time and can be expensive. Imagine the money you will save and the efficiency you will gain when you hire seasoned and professional experts to do the work for you. 

Convenient Income Tax has been in business for over 30 years and has successfully provided payroll services to countless companies in the Peoria, IL area. The benefits of our services include:

• Better Cash Flow Management
• Reductions in Time and Money Spent on Payroll Administration
• Better Tracking and Auditing
• Payment Solutions Including Direct Deposit
• On-Time and Accurate Paychecks for Employees
• Lowering Your Risk of Compliance Issues and Penalties
• On-Time Filing and Payment of Federal and State Payroll Taxes

With our payroll services, you can spend time growing your business while we pay your employees and handle your payroll taxes. We take the stress and strain out of calculating wages and guarantee that every employee is paid accurately and on time. We are available seven days a week for questions and consultations. 

Convenient Income Tax’s fees are competitive and affordable. This means you can take advantage of our payroll services without going over your budget. Choose us for solutions that work and professionals who care. Call today!